White Paper: Oligonucleotides - Opportunities, Pipeline and Challenges

BTL Logo_Horiz_cmyk_new taglineOligonucleotides: Opportunities, Pipeline and Challenges

Although meaningful progress toward the development of oligonucleotide therapeutics began in the 1970s, nearly a half century later, only six oligonucleotide drugs have been approved by the FDA as of November 2017. However, the field is gaining momentum and the clinical benefits of the dozens of oligonucleotide therapeutics currently in various stages of clinical trials are extremely promising.

This paper discusses the challenges, as well as the technologies helping to overcome the challenges, of commercializing oligonucleotide therapeutics. Also included is a Q&A with Tracy TreDenick, Head of Regulatory and Quality Assurance for BioTechLogic. In this Q&A she discusses BioTechLogic's firsthand experience and perspectives on commercializing oligonucleotide therapies.