Supply Chain Management

BioTechLogic can provide effective Supply Chain Management strategies that will optimize new and existing supply chains to maximize profitability.

We can develop and manage effective short and long-term supply plans, and establish inventory strategies that integrate production and release schedules. BioTechLogic has established work processes and proven experience in developing and managing supply chains to meet the domestic and global requirements of products.

BioTechLogic has developed supply chains for numerous Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) and Drug Product (DP) products.

BioTechLogic supply chain management experience includes:

  • Establishing clinical supply chains
  • Defining commercial supply chain logistics
  • Creating product-specific inventory plans
  • Performing Make vs. Buy assessments
  • Managing third-party testing laboratories
  • Maintaining temperature-controlled products and intermediates
  • Executing Validation of sample and product shipping
  • Supervising third-party storage facilities
  • Designing distribution and storage sites

With expertise in identifying critical decision points and major risks, BioTechLogic has provided effective support and contingency planning for products on both a short- and long-term basis.

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