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White Paper The High Bar for Gene Therapy CMCHow drug developers can step up to meet regulatory expectations for gene therapy chemistry manufacturing and controls. After well publicized stumbling blocks in the late-90s, vigor was restored to the gene therapy field in...

Top Pharmaceutical M&A Deals of 2016


Despite active M&A activity by conventional standards, 2016 was a fairly quiet year compared to 2015. The U.S. government cracked down on inversion-based deal making that drove so much of the mega M&A activity in 2015. For instance, Pfizer expected to save about $123 million in taxes after merging with Ireland-based Allergan. It would have been the largest merger in pharmaceutical industry history.

When the law changed, the Pfizer and Allergan deal immediately fell apart as did other inversion-based deals. Instead, 2016 M&A activity focused on strategically managing product portfolios and leading companies buying the innovation needed for growth.

What will 2017 hold? With the incoming Trump administration it is hard to tell. Cash repatriation policies mentioned during the campaign might bring a great deal of off-shore money back to the U.S. and spark another round of M&A mania.

The following is some of the most notable activity from 2016. Happy 2017!

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