White Paper: 4 Steps for Managing the Criticality and Challenges of Biopharmaceutical Projects

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The objective of any project management pursuit is to complete the project on time, within budget and within required quality or performance parameters. Whether making an automobile, computer or pharmaceutical, project management is not easy. However, given the complexity and intense regulatory demands of the pharmaceutical industry, project management is more difficult than many other segments. As if pharmaceutical projects weren’t demanding enough, biopharmaceutical project management is exceptionally challenging, requiring unique experience and expertise.

This paper explores the demands of biopharmaceutical project management including:

  • Why is biopharmaceutical project management more challenging than project management for small molecule drugs?
  • What Does Biopharmaceutical Project Management Entail?
  • Biopharmaceutical Project Managers - Are We Asking for Unicorns?
  • 4 Steps for Effective Biopharmaceutical Project Management